Danica Terzic

is a professional violinist in the valley with experience as both a chamber and an orchestral musician. Trained at the School of Music in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where she received her Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from Zagreb University, Danica obtained her Master of Music in Violin Performance from Arizona State University in 2006. Currently a first violin in the MusicaNova Orchestra in Scottsdale and a principal second in the Scottsdale Arts Orchestra, Danica also plays with the West Valley Symphony and the Symphony of the Southwest and is a substitute with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra.
 In addition, Danica is the owner and a musician of the Celebration Strings Quartet, the quartet that provides an exceptional musical performance for special occasions. Previously, she has held positions with the Peninsula Symphony in San Francisco, the Vancouver Chamber Players in Vancouver, Canada, and the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

        Danica feels fortunate to be able to explore her two passions: love for teaching and joy of expressing herself through performance. She maintains her private studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is also the adjunct faculty at the South Mountain Community College. She has taught at the Crestmont Conservatory of Music in the San Francisco Bay Area, the North Shore Music Academy in Vancouver, Canada, and the School of Music in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Additionally, performing with the St. Lawrence String Quartet and participating in their master classes were especially exuberant experiences, reinforcing her love for chamber music and performing.

        In her spare time, Danica enjoys daily walks with her dog and is a passionate yoga devotee. Danica is thankful for the support of her family, her husband Veselin and their two children, Barbara and Philip.


Danica cultivates the love of learning violin in her students.  My daughter will begin her third year of study with Danica and she has improved quickly under Danica's instruction.  Danica is patient yet demands a high standard of excellence from her students.  Danica focuses on the technical elements of playing while making sure that her students play musically with expression.  Danica makes learning the violin a joy for both her students and their parents!

Jennaya Robison
Mother of Elise and Co-Artistic Director of Scottsdale Musical Arts
Danica Terzic is one of the highlights of moving to Arizona!  When our son Max was in Kindergarten, we wanted to start him in music lessons.  He wanted to begin learning to play an instrument as well.  We were leaning toward piano, as that is the instrument we already owned and I had played when I was a child.  Max expressed indecision between piano or violin, so we were able to arrange to watch a lesson given by a piano teacher and a violin teacher.  After watching the two lessons, Max was immediately drawn to the violin - specifically the violin teacher is what made all the difference - and I could completely understand why.  Danica's personality was so much more exciting and captured the interest of her student (and ours) as we watched her interact with him and teach.  Choosing the violin and Danica - was the best decision ever.  Danica is so incredibly talented.  If you are fortunate enough to hear her play a solo, it can move you to tears, it is so beautiful.  We feel that our son is very lucky to have a teacher of this caliber.  Max has been taking private violin lessons with Danica for nearly five years now.  He has become quite proficient and was able to join a youth orchestra geared toward 12-18 year olds, when he was only 8 years old.  Danica has become more than a teacher to our family.  She is so kind and accomodating, and really understands what motivates each individual student.  She has high standards and requires excellent performance, while still being kind and communicating in a pleasant and positive way.  Our family highly recommends Danica as the premier violin instructor in the valley.

Allison Brown
Mother of Max
Danica has totally changed the way my daughter plays violin, as she now has the confidence to play in front of people and truly enjoys showing off! Paying attention to details has made her a better player all together!
 Jeffrey Raskin
Father of Emily